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Our mission is to believe, live, and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ as expressed in God's sovereign love and grace.

God has called us to believe, live, and proclaim the gospel of his Sovereign love and grace as expressed in the life, death, and resurrection of his beloved son Jesus Christ! Our name (Christ Church of Grace) proclaims the essence of the gospel: Christ and grace. Christ crucified and resurrected is the foundation of God's gospel, and grace is the means by which He accomplishes salvation in our lives.

Therefore we teach the doctrines of grace as taught by Christ and his apostles. These doctrines show that salvation is the sole and sovereign work of God alone from beginning to end. Since man is radically corrupted by sin and is unable to do anything towards God to save himself, the Father unconditionally elected his people without distinction of class, education, merit, race or any other thing, and made a definite atonement for their sins guaranteeing their salvation through the blood of Jesus, by his effectual calling and irresistible grace we are saved, and through the empowerment of God the Holy Spirit the perseverance of the saints is accomplished. The gospel is the good news of what the Father has done for man in Christ through the Holy Spirit for the glory of God!

Therefore, we are committed to the mission of believing, living, and proclaiming the gospel of God's sovereign love, and grace before the world. For in the gospel is revealed the power of God to save, and transform the lives of sinners by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone, according to his word alone, for the Glory is God's alone!

We are called to "life out" God's grace and love in our relationship with God and one another. As we do this, God will be glorified in us before the whole world. Come and worship him with us, and be transformed by his amazing grace.

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